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New project starting January 2021 Individual Counselling for Adults in Havering

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new partnership with Tapestry Care UK at their community hub in Hornchurch offering individual counselling programmes for adult struggling to come to terms with significant changes in their lives.

This service is part of a new holistic project looking at breaking down the barriers which sadly all too often limit the ability of people seeking support to actually find what is right for them.

Anthony Lowe, CEO of Tapestry Care UK commented ‘We are looking forward to working with you, this is a very important part of our service development and delivering it in partnership is very much our preferred method’

We shall be working closely with the Tapestry staff who will identify potential beneficiaries of our service, support them in engaging with us and once the individual counselling programmes have come to an end ensure the clients continue on their journey with other support they need.

This is the ultimate model of partnership working for the benefit of local people and we are all keen to see how it works in practice and what we can learn to enable us to plan for future joint endeavours.

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