Our People

We are proud of the quality and commitment of all staff and volunteers who contribute to the efficiency and smooth running of HBBS Counselling.


Governing Body

We have 10 voluntary members of our Governing Body. Between them they have a range of professional qualifications and experiences and a commitment to making a contribution to the local community. Three of these members, including our Chair, are also our Trustees.

Counselling Team

We currently have a team of 10 counsellors led by a Counselling Manager. We have 2 Liaison Roles for our Children's Bereavement Services and 2 administrators who manage the clinical diary and carry out other coordination tasks to ensure the smooth running of the service.

Finance and Business

Our Finance and Business Team consists of a Finance Coordinator, a Business Manager and Business Administrator. Between them these staff oversee the administration of all non-counselling matters.


Our Volunteers

We have a number of volunteers who contribute to the running of the service on a weekly basis either as volunteer counsellors or office administrators. We are also appreciative of the support of  wider group of individuals who support particular fundraising events or give advice on an adhoc basis.