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To support the community from which an organisation trades, purchases and recruits,  businesses can develop relationships with local charitable projects which helps to tick your corporate responsibility box.


Why should my business get involved?

  • Good, honest corporate responsibility programmes can have a positive impact

  • Increases company pride, staff retention and makes it easier to recruit

  • Employees are better motivated and more productive

  • Creates positive PR leading to customer brand loyalty

  • Develops a healthy community which is essential to business

  • Understanding the wider impact of your business can help you develop new products and services

  • It can make you more competitive

  • Helps ensure you comply with regulatory requirements

How will the community benefit through my business involvement?

  • Exchanging ideas and skills

  • Supplying new volunteers

  • Financial support for meeting community needs

  • Build capacity to provide services that otherwise might not be possible

  • Supports the quality of life in the community

How can my business get involved?

  • Time — through ‘Give an Employee Time’ (GET).

  • Skills — providing specific business skills and expertise or mentoring

  • Resources — donating materials, equipment or services

  • Money — payroll givingsponsored activity and tax efficient donations, match funding i.e. helping to support a wider range of grants.

  • Help us, through your business to make a difference by giving your time, skills, resources or money.


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