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Come and Join our Team

HBBS Counselling would not be able to carry out their fantastic work without the help of volunteers donating their time, skills and energy.

Staff at HBBS Counselling have welcomed a number of volunteers over the years and the organisation has benefitted from their support. Staff ensure that volunteers feel that they benefit greatly from the experience of volunteering by providing a comprehensive induction and training programme as a means of support.

Why Volunteer?

Many people reach a stage in their lives or career when their routine changes for one of a number of reasons. Perhaps relocation or retirement provides a fresh opportunity to give some time to an organisation in the local community which in exchange provides you with purpose or structure outside of the family and normal routine.

Volunteering enables you to help a cause you believe in.

Volunteering is good for your health and wellbeing. Many find that it can reduce stress and anxiety by giving people something to focus on which in turn lightens mood and optimism. All this can help to make people healthier in the long run!


What do I have to offer?

Whatever point you are in your life you will have something which you can contribute to a local organisation like HBBS Counselling.

The range of opportunities we offer include assisting with administration, supporting at fundraising and children’s events and joining in with whatever projects we are working on at the time.

What happens?

We meet everyone who gets in touch with us who expresses an interest about volunteering. We like to find out what you are looking for, what experience or skills you bring and what time commitments you have. We also discuss the range of volunteering opportunities available and see what you might be interested in. Some of these work best with a regular weekly commitment (this can be term time only if you wish) or being part of a team working on one off events.

Does it work?

Yes. Volunteer colleagues have told us how things have been for them……..

“I have been challenged and appreciated more than I imagined I would be”

“I had retired from a busy career and wanted to still have the feeling of belonging to an organisation”.

“Colleagues at HBBS have been so welcoming and always appreciate my contribution”.

If you would like to know more about joining the volunteering team and the opportunities at HBBS Counselling email or call 01277 283190.

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