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A team of determined runners completed the Brentwood Fun Run 2019 on Sunday to raise funds and awareness for Havering & Brentwood Counselling Services.

The race - part of the Brentwood Half Marathon day - took place on March 17th and has raised money for HBBS through each runner securing sponsorship.

The whole team of six completed the course in under one hour and received a medal and HBBS goody bag after crossing the finish line.

The team was made up of Katie Henry, Samuel Henry, Rhylee O’Hanlon, Lily O’Keefe, Marie O’Hanlon and Christian O’Keefe.

Katy O’Keefe, Events and Fundraising Officer at HBBS, who organised the team, said: “I am so proud of the HBBS team who showed real dedication to complete the course in such terrible weather.

“Their effort and commitment has raised awareness and funds for our charity and we are so very grateful.

“Because of the success of this event I’ve now had a lot of interest from people wanting to take part in the Havering Half Marathon day in October and I’m appealing to anyone else who is interested to please get in touch with me.”

To contact Katy send an email to

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