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Subsidised Counselling for Essex Residents

Starting on the 1st April 2021, HBBS Counselling is pleased to announce the launch of a new subsidised counselling service for adult residents living in Essex who have been affected by a close bereavement.

This is supported by Essex Community Foundation and will consist of an individual counselling programme with an appropriately experienced counsellor of an initial consultation (assessment) plus a further 6 weekly sessions.

Clients are asked to make a £20 contribution per session.

These sessions can be provided via telephone, video-link or face to face counselling and will provide local adults in need with professional and confidential support, helping them to begin to talk about, understand and come to terms with their loss.

To find out more and to discuss if counselling might be right for you or someone you know, please phone 01277 283199 or email

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